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At Frontbulb we believe that the learning process can be and should be a painless and joyous endeavor filled with adventure. To that purpose we began a learning community to assist, support, coach, and most importantly to empower students as they make sense of the world that surrounds them and encourage them to be self-motivated and self-directed learners. Our programs are centered on loosely structured activities that use constructivist methods to help students develop their physical, emotional, cognitive, and social skills. We believe children are initially internally driven to learn; what we do is provide a relaxed, fun, and open framework in which they can safely discover the world. Our staff members are referred to as coaches because they serve the role of harnessing motivation, encouraging deeper and wider exploration, and ultimately helping every child reach their potential. Fundamentally our coaches serve as guides on individual and group learning journeys. Another core tenant of Frontbulb is reflection and documentation. We encourage children to critique their work and to learn from their mistakes. We also assist students in maintaining a living portfolio or an idea bank so that they and their guardians can see their development. Our live events vary in length. We offer classes at varying times during the week, weekends, and holidays for children in kindergarten through 4th grade. Frontbulb offers a unique service; there is no other program like it in Westchester County.