Branching Minds

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Branching Minds is an edtech start-up that I am happy to be a part of.  Our educational tool empowers parents, teachers, and students themselves, to figure out exactly what the root of a student’s learning problem is, as well as precisely which support will meet that student’s needs, and then track the results. The tool is rooted in the latest academic research on assessing learning differences, as well as the experiential knowledge of teacher experts. We are also advised by top academicians and professionals in the fields of special and general education.

Branching Minds helps teachers uncover why a student is struggling in literacy, math, or behavior by aligning teacher observations of the student with the cognitive and academic skills that are statistically predictive of success in each academic domain. The tool provides an observation-based assessment for teachers that is rooted in the latest developmental and neuropsychological research connecting cognitive skill deficits to demonstrated student behaviors. In addition to helping teachers identify why a student struggles to learn, Branching Minds connects teachers to specific interventions based on the exact learning needs of the student.

Easy access to research-based interventions that are linked directly to the student’s learning challenge ensures that teachers use the right method to remediate the right learning challenge for each struggling student.

My main role on the team is to form partnerships with schools, so if you are interested in our educational tool please reach out to me through the contact page.

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